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We are a caravan of talented psychics & seers

Many of us have acquired our gifts from the ancestral generations that have gone before us. All of us are dedicated to giving you the most meaningful reading possible.

Pat O’Keefe, M.S., is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (National Guild of
Hypnotists), Psychic & Medium, Reiki Level III Practitioner, Photographer, and Author.


Pat considers the gifts of mediumship and psychic insight as tools in her personal sacred journey and appreciates the opportunity to serve others through these spiritual gifts. Her philosophy for life was delivered to her by her spirit guide years ago, “Always give more than you take.”

Pat’s primary interest in hypnosis is in the area of recovered memories. The belief in reincarnation is one that is shared by many people around the world. She has seen the healing that can take place through past life memory recovery.

In her hypnosis and psychic and mediumship work, she often uses Reiki healing for her clients. Her philosophy is that energy is lifeforce. Being an energy worker has allowed her to work with and help clients heal from issues impacting their physical, as well as, spiritual worlds.


 Pat is a former journalist and journalism instructor and has written dozens of articles on many aspects of the psychic and paranormal worlds for national and international magazines. She is the author of five books that focus on aspects of the psychic and paranormal realms, including the audiobook, Unlocking Your Psychic Potential.

Pat O'Keefe
Psychic, Medium & Founder

You matter 

The Caravan is a sisterhood and brotherhood of psychically talented individuals. When you come to us for a reading or for an energy healing, you and your needs matter

Jennifer Woodward Proffitt is a Palmist, Psychic and Paranormal Investigator. 

Jennifer co-founded HAUNT in 2005 and DOA in 2016, both highly active paranormal investigation teams. As a paranormal investigator, her team’s work has been documented in magazines, books and TV appearances. These include “Haunted America” in “Ghost Voices Magazine,” “Weird World” in “The Loafer” and “Haunted Times Magazine.” As well as books, including Thirty True Tales of the Weird, Unusual and Macabre and The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium.

She has been featured in local newspapers such as The Bristol Herald Courier, The Kingsport Times, The Johnson City Press, etc. She has also been on television talk shows on local TV stations WCYB, WVVA and WJHL, some live investigations on PTN and been a featured guest on several radio talk shows. Jennifer continues to works on cases dealing with possible paranormal activity.

 As a palmist, her knowledge and skills has been used at many conventions and psychic fairs, as well as private parties and private readings. Her goal is to help people know if they are on the right path and strengthen their relationships.

She is an entrepreneur and works in both the restaurant and auto industries.

Jennifer Proffitt 
Palmist and Psychic

Spirits are with us 

The Caravan is a place to go to reconnect with a pet who has crossed over, or a loved one who is across the veil. You can also come and experience the ancient arts of Tarot, palmistry, and more at the mystical caravan.

Stephanie Proffitt is an artist, Psychic Medium Animal Communicator, and Paranormal Investigator.

Stephanie Bussard is a radically talented artist who has had an interest in the paranormal since she was a small child. A licensed tattoo artist by trade, she is also an illustrator and painter, preferring acrylic to oil. Stephanie is currently illustrating a children's book.


In addition, she has been on the docket to speak at several conventions including The Great Appalachian Spook Show and ScareFest in Lexington, KY. She is a fourth generation psychic medium. Her mother, grandmother and great grandmother were known to have the gift of second sight and the ability to communicate with those across the veil. Stephanie continues to carry on that family tradition.

Stephanie Proffitt
Animal Spirit Communicator and  Psychic
Ken O'Keefe

Ken O'Keefe

Caravan Team Members

Our incredible team!

Megan Bussard

Megan Bussard

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